Thursday, 24 November 2011

Baking My Way: Cardamom Shortbread Wedges

I wasn't too sure what I was going to think of this recipe because I had never baked anything with Cardamom before but wow these are some seriously tasty wedges! I made half a recipe so I used a small (6''?) cheese cake pan and it worked out great. I was sure not to over bake so that they stayed nice and soft. I recipe says just to drizzle the icing over top but I made too much and just spread it over the whole top. It's not has pretty for presentation but they are so tasty I don't think it really matters!


1/3 cup sugar
1 cup butter or margarine, softened
2 1/2 cups All Purpose or Unbleached Flour
1 to 3 teaspoons cardamom
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/4 teaspoon almond extract

1 cup powdered sugar
1/4 teaspoon vanilla
1/8 teaspoon almond extract
1 to 3 tablespoons milk


Heat oven to 350°F. Line two 9-inch pie pans with aluminum foil so foil extends over sides of pans; spray foil with nonstick cooking spray. In large bowl, beat sugar and butter until light and fluffy. Lightly spoon flour into measuring cup; level off. Stir in flour and remaining cookie ingredients; mixwell. Dough will be crumbly. Divide dough in half; press in bottom of lined pans.

Bake at 350°F. for 18 to 22 minutes or until light golden brown. Cool in pan l0 minutes; remove cookies from pan by lifting foil. Cut each shortbread into 16 wedges while warm; run knife around edge of pan to loosen.

In small bowl, combine all glaze ingredients, adding enough milk for desired drizzling consistency. Drizzle over cooled cookies. Carefully remove from pan. Store in loosely covered container.

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  1. These look so good. I love cardamon these will be a must for Xmas.

  2. This looks yummy! I must admit I don't think I have ever used cardamon. It's been sitting on my spice rack and this is a good reason to break it out. I am a new follower from Making It With Allie. Vicky from Mess For Less

  3. That looks so good, and I like how they look like a cake slice!

  4. this sounds yummy! I've made shortbread before, but this looks like a really nice variation

  5. Hi Amanda,
    This would be a great dessert, it looks delicious. Hope you are having a great holiday week end. Thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday and hope you will come back soon!
    Miz Helen


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