Thursday, 24 November 2011

Health Tip of the Week: Foot Detox

My mom works at a health clinic and on my quest to get rid of the headaches I mentioned before I tried doing foot and hand detox. Most places don’t mention or suggest hand detox, but you can do it just like you do it on the feet, and at the same time for even more of a cleanse.

Although I still struggled with my headaches after my string of 6 foot and hand detox sessions I felt meny of the other benefits listened below and I think it’s for sure worth doing.

Think of all the crazy toxins we take in daily, often without even knowing! I for one don’t want them in my body!

“Ionic Detoxification Footbaths are the most relaxing way to get rid of the toxins present in the body”. Says Healthy Being Wellness Boutique

At most clinics have their detox run from 24-35 minutes, depending on the person. Also most clinics will serve you cleasing cucumber water to accompany the cleanse.

Detox Foot Bath is an all natural way to detox the inside of your body through your feet. Detoxification begins the moment you place your feet into the foot bath. Detoxification benefits your health and can help the aging process.

Some Reported Benefits:

* Detoxification of Your Entire Body
* Heavy Metals Removed
* Increase Your Energy
* Help With Faster Disease and Injury Recovery Time
* Increased Oxygen in Your Body
* Help Pain Relief
* Improved Your Sleep
* Reduced Unwanted Fluid Retention
* Headache Relief
* Immune System Booster

How often should you do a foot detox?

Some say once a week, some say once a month, it all depends on the person, and the problems you might be experiencing. Note: Foot detox sessions take out toxins as well as other things that are foreign to your body; this includes medications so please take that into consideration beforehand.

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