Thursday, 5 April 2012

Guest Writer: Samantha

Stuffed rice krispies are a great choice if you are hosting a treat or a birthday party. Delicious and desirable, they are easy to be made at home and also taste great. All you need is pre-made rice krispies treats, good amount of time and ingredients with the right proportion. Using the pre-made krispy treats save a lot of time and also is quiet clean to be used. You can also think of making more different recipes by thinking about some more combos using peanut butter, melting chocolate, and mini chocolate chips.

Rice Krispies treats- 2 make one pair so decide how many is to be used as per your requirement.
1 Giant Marshmallow
Graham cracker
Melted Chocolate as per requirement
Butter knife and plain knife
A base to use as a platform for the layering

1. Take two rice krispies treats and smush them. Use your hand or a rolling pin. This will act in holding each of them together.

2. Take a marshmallow and cut it in half and microwave by putting on graham cracker for a few seconds. The marshmallows will puff up due to the heat.

3. Take the marshmallows out and put the other graham cracker on top of it.
In a glass bowl take some chocolates and melt them in the microwave. Keep the thickness such that they would be easy enough to be layered on the krispies.

4. Cut out the extra marshmallows that ooze out of the edges. Coat each krispy treats with melted chocolate. Use a butter knife to layer the melted chocolates along with a spoon. Try to keep the layer neat and keep a soft cloth to wipe away any excess chocolate from the sides.

5. Take the graham cracker marshmallow sandwich and carefully place it on the chocolate coated krispy treat. Add chocolate to the top of graham crackers and some to the rice krispies.

6. Sandwich them together. Put more chocolate and marshmallows on top and repeat the same steps for all other krispies. You can also decorate the top by making small designs by using a cone filled with chocolate.

The other combination that can be used is peanut butter, melting chocolate and mini chocolate chips.
1. Start with covering of one of the krispy treats with the melting chocolate and mini chocolate chips.
2. Melt the caramel bits and spread the caramel onto another krispy treat.
3. Next put this crispy treat on to the other.
4. Add some more chocolate on top.
Once your krispies are ready, allow them to set for some time and serve in Ceramic plates. You can add some more dressings to the top by using chocolate sauce, chocolate chips, or grated chocolates.

About the author:
Samantha Harper is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on technology and luxury. Beside this she is fond of gadgets. Recently an article on Organic baby clothes attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on Leg cramps.

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