Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Chocolate Indulge: Sweet Impressions & Chocolate Zen

We had a double date on Tuesday and I had some time so I decided to bike with Ollie get some desserts. I had a couple more places on my list that I wanted to try so I went there. If you don't know Winnipeg to make it simple for you in total it was around a 10km bike ride. Ollie is a year old and full of energy. He pulled the whole way there (which helped, it was pretty windy!) and he only started to get tiered on the way back (his tiered is not dragging behind but rather simply just not pulling anymore).

The first stop was Sweet Impressions (on Tache). I was impressed but there cute little store front and the fact that they are a nut free bakery. That's not a problem for me but I'm sure the people our there with allergies really appreciate it.

The second stop was Chocolate Zen (on Osborne). It was also a pretty cute place, but I can't say I'm that impressed in comparison to the other bakeries in the city. It's a cute shop, don't get me wrong, but not my style I guess. They did have a couple things in their display I wouldn't mind trying, but that's sort of the case everywhere I go!

I picked up the chocolate option from each place so we (each couple) got a plate to share. The cupcakes didn't really make it (they smoshed on the way home) but wow, where they good! I could have eaten a lot more of them so it was a good thing there was only one! The chocolate macaroon was also really good but I didn't love the chocolate zen (moose).


  1. What a darling little dog! (those cakes don't look bad either but I'm an animal lover)

    Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog :):), I'd love to share a recipe on your site.


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