Thursday, 21 April 2011

Roxy's Birthday Dinner

My friend Roxy owns a restaurant and loves to cook. For her birthday she wanted to cook all her friends dinner. If that's what she wanted we weren't going to say no! She's a wonderful cook and the food was wonderful! It was great to be able to sit around and eat and drink together. We don't have dinner parties among our friends very often so this was a really nice treat.

He's really happy, as you can see!

This is Roxy, busy in the kitchen

Oreo ice cream cake with homemade sesame seed ice cream which was fantastic!


  1. Parties with friends are so much fun! That ice cream looks outstanding :)

  2. omygoodness! What a wonderful friend you have! That dinner and dessert looks amazing. It's so nice that you got to enjoy a dinner party like that with friends. I miss that. We haven't been able to do that very much since we moved. I can't wait to entertain in our new home! Have a wonderful weekend and thanks so much for stopping by to see me, Candace

  3. Oh, boy, lucky you!!! It looks like a wonderful feast. I'm drooling over that dessert!

  4. Wow that looks so's puts the tuna sandwich I had for lunch to shame.


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