Friday, 20 May 2011

Cooking Goal: Feta Herbed Orzo

Doesn't this look wonderful? I have a bit of the problem though; some how the link to the original recipe was lost! I know it was from one of the blogs I follow but I don't know which one. SO if you posted this PLEASE let me know so that I can link back to that post AND try this recipe!!

Update!! It was done by From Which Things Grow! If you don't know their blog go and check it out now! Here's the link to the original post! 


  1. Hey there Amanda! This orzo dish was posted on our blog in April. Thanks for the shout out! I think you'll really love it :) - Cares

    Here's the link -

  2. This look good, and I'm sorry it is not from me! I have never tried orzo before! Hope you find out who's responsible for this yummy looking dish! Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Oh yay!! Thanks so much for coming and letting me know! It totally makes sense that it was you guys that posted such a wonderful recipe!!

  4. This really does look really wonderful - Yummy!!!
    Have a great weekend Amanda :-)


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