Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Chocolate Indulge: Human Bean Coffee & Tea

Doesn't this look wonderful? Well it was! We weren't going to try this one but then we decided to go for a little trip to The Forks with my mom and we shared this one and the one from Tall Grass Prairie.

I really like Human Bean. I can't speak for their coffee (because I don't drink coffee) but they have great desserts and tea, and they have a tea sale at times buy one bag of 100g get the second half off so I love that.

If you are going to The Forks and want a little treat I suggest this place. It a little more off to the corner too so it's not so crowded and they have a little sitting area of their own as well.


  1. Mouth watering dessert.... Hmmmmm wish we have an outlet nearby..

  2. outlet? as far as i know there's only two human bean stores/cafes...

  3. Looks decadently delicious! Wish I lived near one!


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