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Guest Writer: Alyssa, from Cupcake Apothecary

My name is Alyssa, I’ve been married for almost 2 years. I have a bachelors in Psychology with a minor in sociology, but once I graduated, I realized I wanted to do something more with my life, I wanted to follow my passion, instead of just an interest. So I have decided that I want to go to culinary school sometime. For now I’m getting my degree in catering. My goal is to travel, learn from other cultures, learning different recipes and secrets, and someday have a great bakery!

My blog is fairly new. It started out as just kind of my way of showing/documenting my creativeness with drawings, paintings, scrap-booking, sewing, Do-it yourself projects, and baking. I kept adding more and more baking posts that I finally changed it to Cupcake Apothecary, which is going to be the name of my bakery. Now my blog is basically a display of me experimenting with new recipes I find and making it my own somehow. 

What is your name? Alyssa Quintana

Where do you live? Holloman Afb, New Mexico

What's your favorite recipe? This bread is actually! It was my first baking recipe that I made my own

What's your favorite kitchen tool? My Bosch. Without it, I wouldn’t bake!

What do you live by in life? (Your motto, a quote, a verse etc.) Make it your own. Whether its life, love, or just recipes. Make everything your own.

Garlic Lover’s Pull Apart Bread
    * 7-8 cups of bread flour
    * 3 tbsp Sugar
    * 2 tbsp Garlic Salt
    * 2 packages dry yeast (or 4 1/2 tsp)
    * 1 1/2 cup water
    * 1/2 cup milk
    * 1/4 cup butter
    * 2 tbsp Italian seasonings
    * 6-10 cloves crushes garlic
    * 2 tbsp garlic powder

For the topping:
    * 1/2 cup butter
    * 1 tbsp italian seasonings
    * 1 tbsp garlic
    * 1/4 tsp salt

Combine 6 cups flour, sugar, garlic salt and dry yeast together.  Mix to let loose any lumps.
Meanwhile, in a medium sauce pan combine water, milk, butter, seasonings, garlic and garlic powder to a boil, but stirring during.

Once hot, pour into flour mix. When you touch the dough, it shouldn't stick to your finger.
Place in a warm area for an hour to let rise. Split your ball in half, because this recipe makes two loaves.

Place in a warm area for an hour to let rise. Split your ball in half, because this recipe makes two loaves.

Form an oval and cut your ball of dough 2 slices the longer way and 3 the shorter way.
Place in a greased bread pan. Bake for 30 minutes at 400 degrees.

Using a pastry brush, spread your herb topping on the bread loaf.

If you're interest in doing a guest post here's all the info! I'd love to have you post!!


  1. I foremost a bread baker; I've been making bread since I was seven and these looks like a wonderful one to add to my files. Thank you for sharing! XOXO

  2. My hubby loves anything with garlic and this will be a spot on!

  3. I am most definately a garlic lover, great bread!! Good luck :), Miriam@The Pioneer Cookbook

  4. Great guest post! this garlic bread looks scrumptious and I can't wait to try it!

  5. Wow, that's a lovely Guest Post by Alyssa. The garlic bread looks delicious and perfectly baked.


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