Saturday, 7 May 2011

Free Day!!

Hi All!
I just wanted to write a little post about the up coming free day!

If you live in Winnipeg or around here you need to check it out! I do it both in spring and fall and always find all sorts of great stuff!! It's great because we're just "starting out" (new house) and it helps out a lot without having to buy all sorts of things.

The way it works is people, starting Saturday morning (May 14th) put stuff out on the curb that they no longer want and anyone came just come by and pick it up. It runs through till Sunday night but I find that most of the good stuff is Saturday morning into early afternoon.

I've gotten a lot of garden stuff, some clothes, lots of kitchen things (including a blender, salt stone lamb, ipod dock, bowls, plants, utensils and a set of hand blown ice cream bowls) and lots of books!

It's a good time! You should at least go for a walk around your area and see what people are putting out!

(The fall one is usually around September 10th or 11th FYI :)


  1. I think that is such a fantastic idea. Unfortunately we don't have a free day around here or I would absolutely be out patrolling. Some of my siblings live in Winnipeg so I've heard about Free Day from them.

  2. Yes its great one persons garbage or unwanted stuff is anothers prized posession. I think its great for low income ppl too or just someone that can use it is awesome. I cant wait to put out stuff that i never use either. Maybe ill find something i might need. I think every city should do this better then filling the landfills.

  3. That's exactly why they do it! A lot of people can't be bothered to bring things to the thrift store and just throw there old stuff out so the city is trying to keep things out of landfills. I think this is the third year, and i think it's going really well so far.


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