Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Chocolate Indulge: Joe Black Coffee Bar

 I went to Joe Black Coffee Bar two times and both times they were out of their Indulge dessert. The second time I even called ahead and they gave me a time (between 10-6) that the desserts would be delivered and I went after 6pm and still nothing.

I was frustrated and thought maybe I'll just skip this one on my list of places to go but I was in the area on another day and went by and they had it but not only did they have one but they had two different kinds. 

 This is the chocolate one

And of course this is the peanut butter one (this one is way better!)

(Did you notice I didn't get any strawberries or whip cream? I didn't realize until afterward that I was supposed to get some. But to be honest it was perfect just like this!)

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