Thursday, 13 September 2012

Health Tip of the Week: The Benefits of Fibre Pt. 3

Keeping Weight under Control

Foods containing plenty of fibre have more bulk than low-fibre foods. If taken in the right form at the right time and at sufficient quantities, fibre can sometimes slow the onset of hunger.

Nice To Know:
To help control your weight with fibre:

Always try to take fibre in the natural form. For example, instead of sprinkling bran over your food, choose foods naturally high in fibre.

Avoid foods that have been made easier to eat and digest by removal of fibre, especially sugars (including fruit juices).

Choose foods that satisfy hunger without providing many calories, mainly vegetables and most fruits, which are rich in fibre.

Need To Know:
Some individuals claim that fibre alone can cause weight loss without the need to diet. But in fact, the only effective and safe way to lose weight is to:

- Reduce calorie intake to a safe level
- Get enough exercise to burn off excess calories

However, fibre can be a useful aid in reducing calorie intake.

I posted a while ago a great fibre muffin recipe; check it out here if you want!

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