Thursday, 8 September 2011

Health Tip Of The Week: How To Stay Healthy & Flu Free This Winter

Here are some fool proof tips to stay away from cools and flues. I know a lot of us can’t follow all of these, but if we try we can for sure do most of them daily, and trust me it will help you out a lot! (it is for sure helping me!)

- 5000 iu's of Vitamin D daily (powder form dissolved in water or juice is best)
- 5000 mg's of Vitamin C daily (powder form dissolved in water or juice is best)
- 7-9 hours of sleep
- 8-10 glasses of water daily
- NO SUGAR!!!!

I’d like to ask add avoiding stress. Stress breaks you down so quick and if you’re already fight something (even if you don’t know it) you’ll get it even quicker!


  1. Whhaaat?! No sugar!? How will I live? hahaha
    I need to do something, I currently have a cold, thanks to my daughter, and back-to-school germs! And we're just getting started good!

  2. This is terrific Amanda! Great tips - thanks! I KNOW they work well....


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